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WhiteFire Publishing was founded by David White in 2005 with the release of a hardback version of A Stray Drop of Blood by Roseanna M. White. The Whites were soon interrupted by their beautiful first child so put their publishing vision on hold until 2009. By that time the hardbacks had sold out and a clamor was going up for a paperback version of Stray Drop of Blood. Utilizing what they had learned in the intervening 4 years, the Whites rewrote, redesigned, and reordered their business, with the goal of expanding to include other amazing authors over the next few years.

Old and new versions of A Stray Drop of Blood

The vision for WhiteFire was simple ~ to embrace those books that the authors write from the heart but which can’t always find a home in Christian publishing because of risk factors like subject matter, setting, or length. We believe above all in the redemptive power of Jesus’s sacrifice…and we also believe that His light shines brightest against the darkness of reality. We don’t like to sugarcoat, but we do love nothing more than showing His goodness, His mercy, and His provision.

Above all, our stories must embrace the motto of “Where Spirit Meets the Page.” With a roster of stellar authors now and books that readers the world over are falling in love with, WhiteFire is proud to be a small press founded on family. Perhaps it started with a married couple “experimenting” on the wife’s books, as the Whites say…but that family has grown to include the authors and books that have made WhiteFire stand out among small publishers. For quality. For passion. For depth.

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