Fully Persuaded

Part of Austen in Austin Volume 2

by Niki Turner

Based on Persuasion

Annie Ellis fell in love with Ford Winters at the tender age of 19, but her family persuaded her to end the relationship. Eight years later and still alone, Annie is resigned to life as a spinster. She pours her frustrated passion into teaching art at Austen Abbey. When Annie’s spendthrift father and sister nearly bankrupt them, an unknown investor’s offer to lease the family’s ranch is their only hope. The investor is none other than Ford, who made his fortune in Colorado’s silver fields and has returned to Texas to show the woman who broke his heart she made a terrible mistake. But when her family tries to manipulate Ford, he realizes Annie didn’t stand a chance against their scheming ways. Now Ford must prove to Annie that true love needs no persuasion, only faith.


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