The Woman with the Issue of Blood

Hidden Faces Series – Novella 4

by Golden Keyes Parsons

Children love her. Dinah thought when she married she would have a house full of children. The days melted into weeks and the months sped by with no pregnancy. At last, the long-awaited pregnancy, only to end in bitter disappointment with a late miscarriage. Then another—and another. After that, the hemorrhaging began. No doctors could help. She went to every priest, physician, and charlatan who promised healing, but the bleeding would not stop, nor could she conceive. Years went by. She had given up. She heard about the brash young teacher, making his headquarters in her hometown of Capernaum, who was performing mighty miracles. She was desperate. She heard a commotion in the streets and, unknown to her husband or family, found her way through the crowds to this one who could heal. One touch. One simple, trembling, child-like gesture—reaching out to the Great Physician. Her life is changed forever.


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