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Sweet Mountain Music

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by Suzie Johnson

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Chloe Williston will make a name for herself…
no matter what beast she must track to achieve it.

Chloe Williston has two goals in life: to make her father proud, and to do it by making a name for herself as a journalist. It seems she has been waiting for years for the perfect opportunity…and when it arrives in her Washington State town in the form of a handsome naturalist in search of the legendary Great North American Ape, she isn’t about to let him go off on an adventure without her.

Ben Kearny has to admit he’s intrigued by the undauntable Miss Chloe Williston…until he learns she’s a journalist. The last thing he needs is a reporter sticking her nose—however, pretty it may be—in his expedition. He has to find the Sasquatch. It’s his only chance at restoring his reputation, and he can’t let anything, even Chloe, get in his way.

But as the expedition sets off with Chloe and her brother in tow, Ben finds the obstacles stacked against him. He not only has to find the illusive beast, he also has to keep Chloe out of the trouble she seems determined to find…all while protecting his heart.

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1 review for Sweet Mountain Music

  1. RusticReader

    Sweet Mountain Music is a delightful book that had me hooked from the very beginning.

    I thought Chloe was so very relatable and instantly likeable. Her shyness is something she works hard to overcome and it doesn’t take long for her spunk and sass to shine through. Whether it’s defying the customs of the times and being a female reporter or trekking through the mountains in search of the Sasquatch, once Chloe sets her mind to something she does her very best to achieve it.

    Charming from the first time he appears on the page, I rooted for Ben. He’s headstrong, but at the same time caring, protective and concerned over everyone’s safety.

    A feel good book that lifted my spirits, Sweet Mountain Music was so much fun! I can’t recommend this book enough!

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