To Dance with Dolphins

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by Bonnie Leon

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Twenty-two-year-old Claire Murray has suffered from a mysterious disease for years. Her social circle has shrunk to a small support group for people with chronic illness and disability. But what if life could be about more than doctors, pain, and medications?

Claire and three others—old-grouch Tom, hippy-holdout Willow, and moody Taylor—hatch plans for a cross-country trip to swim with the dolphins in Florida.Only a day into the trip, they unexpectedly need help. And who happens to be hitchhiking along the highway but a young, good-looking loner named Sean Sullivan? However, the last thing he wants is to be harnessed to a bunch of ailing travelers.

Though the journey proves difficult, following God’s plan might be even harder. Will they find the courage to follow their dreams and dare to live again?

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1 review for To Dance with Dolphins

  1. beccakae

    This was one of those books that you as a reader learn life lessons & God lessons right along with the characters. Trusting God in everything is one of the lessons learned. It’s not easy having a chronic illness especially ones that are not visible. I smiled with the characters, felt sad, and was frustrated. Although Claire, was the “main character” this book did well to feature the other characters too. I didn’t know a lot about chronic illnesses before reading this book. I have better understanding the challenges that come up.
    I recommend this book to others.
    I received this book from Ashberry Lane Publishing to read and review. 🙂

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