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Who Am I to Judge?


A Martha and Marya Mystery ~ Book 1

Releases May 1, 2023

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By Emily Hanlon

Middle-aged Uber driver Martha Collins, efficient and ever busy, loves everything about volunteering at her parish in the wealthy community of Pequot Bays…except for the annoying presence of the elderly, Bible-quoting, lavender-clad Marya Cook, known to locals as the Purple Pest. When a priest at St. John of the Cross confesses to the murder of a parishioner, a reluctant Martha is drawn in to help Marya prove that he is not guilty. Although embarrassed to be associated with the odd, old woman as she accuses wealthy and influential suspects of murder, Martha becomes more and more invested in solving the mystery.

The longer that they work to unearth clues about their fellow parishioners, the more Martha realizes that this ditzy septuagenarian isn’t so ditzy after all. Together they dodge corrupt cops, untangle the truth of conflicting confessions, and fight to prove the priest’s innocence. But someone in Pequot Bays is equally determined to keep their secrets concealed.

Will Martha and Marya solve the mystery before the priest goes to jail, and can Marya prove, once again, that there’s more to people that meet the eye?

100% of the author’s profits will be donated to charity.

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