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A Royal Redemption


Princess Wars 2

Releases July 15, 2024

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by Melody Carlson

Two princesses…one crown.

The royal twins have battled it out for eighteen years, but Princess Heather was firstborn and now rules the Kingdom of Raspen. Meanwhile Princess Rose is doing time in the dungeon. Caught in the act of usurping the crown—as well as her sister’s man—the second born princess has time to think.

After a failed scheme that sends her spiraling into despair, Rose has an epiphany. Before she can dwell on it, though, she learns that their kingdom might be in serious trouble, so with her sister’s help she dons a disguise and befriends a pair of cellmates, spies from an enemy country. Though Rose is only hoping to extract vital information from them, she ends up kidnapped when they make their escape.

While Queen Heather tries to secure an alliance with a neighboring kingdom, Rose is forced into an adventure she never wanted, but which she’s determined to use for the good of Raspen and her sister. But with more enemies than friends and the threat of a wicked king hanging always over her, Rose begins to worry that her redemption will do little to save her life.

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