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Benjy and the Belsnickel Study Guide


Study Guide

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By Bonnie Swinehart

READ a Sample of Benjy and the Belsnickel

This study guide is designed to provide help in using the book, Benjy and the Belsnickel, as an aid in
education. It contains 14 lesson plans, one for each chapter of the book. The answers for the questions
in this book can either be written directly into this guide, or you can have your student use a separate

Each chapter contains a list of ten vocabulary words to help children learn the meaning of new words.
Depending on your child’s dictionary and research skills, you may want to discuss the meaning of the
words with him. Review with your child how to write a complete sentence as that is one of the tasks he will
be asked to do to answer the questions about the story.

Following the vocabulary review will be comprehension questions about what they have read in Benjy
and the Belsnickel.

In addition to the comprehension questions, there is a section of discussion questions that parents or
educators can use to motivate the child to think about why certain things occurred the way they did in the
story. This is a great opportunity to interact with your child and get them to think beyond what is written
in the text of the book.

A section called “Learning More” contains activities for your child to do. Many of these activities would
be fun for you and your child to do together. A wide range of suggestions are presented and will further
enhance what they have learned about the time period of Benjy’s story. This section often contains links to
helpful websites that your child can look up with your permission.

The final section provides a Bible verse that is relevant to the chapter’s lesson. Encourage your child to
use his or her own Bible. The purpose of this section is to create a discussion between parent and child or
educator and child about how the Bible verse relates to Benjy’s life.

It is our hope that you and your child will enjoy the activities in this study guide and the book, Benjy
and the Belsnickel.

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