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Broken The Woman Who Anointed Jesus’s Feet

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Hidden Faces Series – Novella 3

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by Golden Keyes Parsons

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Tirzah follows Jesus along outskirts of the crowd. She watches him raise the son of the widow of Nain from the dead. That day as he glanced her way, her spirit pleads with him to free her of the demons in her life. She feels them leave. She is free. Tirzah hears of a banquet to be held for Jesus at the house of a Pharisee named Simon. She hurries to her house and searches through her belongings—gifts given to her by her customers. She finds what she is looking for and goes to Simon’s house. What transpires that day has been remembered down through history as a supreme act of love.


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1 review for Broken The Woman Who Anointed Jesus’s Feet

  1. Susan C

    Remarkable novella! Broken: The Woman Who Anointed Jesus’s Feet tells the story of one of the unnamed women who encountered Jesus during his short ministry on earth. The author stays true to the biblical story but uses creative license to flesh out the story. We are immediately drawn into Tirzah’s life, reading about her lifelong isolation, gentleness of spirit and desire to help those who are less fortunate. As a child, she befriends a crippled girl who she eventually takes into her home. It is obvious that she felt there were no other options for her survival than by providing an income as a harlot. Eventually, Tirzah hears about Jesus, wondering if he is truly who he claims to be. Is he really the Son of God? Can he work miracles? This is a wonderful story of a young girl finding the answers she seeks, a story of faith, a story of forgiveness, a story of gratitude. It is the story of how God can take the fragmented pieces of our life by repairing our broken spirits if we seek Him.

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not required.

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