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Heart of a Princess

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Daughters of Peverell Book 2

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By Hannah Currie

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To the watching world, Princess Alina has it all—maids to serve her, a kingdom to revere her, a prince to marry her, and a wardrobe filled with enough frills, flounces, and shades of pink to rival a flower shop. But behind the smiles and designer clothes, Alina has a secret. She’s barely holding it together.

After a moment of panic almost ends in tragedy, Alina is sent to a refuge far from the palace to recuperate. Her family claims it’s for her own good but—faced with cows, knife-beaked ducks, and far too many of her own insecurities—Alina is pretty sure it will kill her first. And Joha Samson, infuriating man that he is, will laugh as it does.

Only there’s more to Joha than she realizes, and more to herself too. When the time comes to make a stand, will she find the courage?

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1 review for Heart of a Princess

  1. Kim94945

    Heart of a Princess
    by Hannah Currie
    Book 2 in the Daughters of Peverell series
    Rating: 5/5

    Wow. I was pleasantly surprised at how much more I liked this second book in the series more than the first. I really enjoyed the first book, Heart of a Royal, but I felt that this book had so much more depth and character development. I laughed and cried and lost sleep over this one.

    Princess Alina has a secret that no one really knows about. When she is sent away to help her deal with her problems, the farm is the last place she’d ever expected. A princess doesn’t know how to milk a cow, cook dinner, or bake a dessert. How is she supposed to get on with her life with her fiancé, Prince Marcos of Hedonia, if she is stuck in such an uncomfortable place? Can Joha help her see the beauty and peace to be found or will he be the one to drive her further away from asking for help?

    Alina’s character is one that I really disliked in the first book. Her immaturity was a good contrast to McKenna, but in this book, Alina gets a chance to change. She is thrown into a place where her insecurities and imperfections abound and she must deal with her struggles to always be the perfect princess and royal like her deceased mother she never knew. I loved her by the middle of the book and laughed at her relationship with Joha. I cried with her as she learned to open up and trust in God.

    I highly recommend this book and series for those that enjoy fairytale-like princess stories with romance, humor, and ducks.

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